SPOTLIGHT ON: MyMusic: The Experience

Today we are going to be feauturing MyMusic, a web series made by The Fine Brothers Productions, the creators of Kids React and other online content. My music is 4 shows a week, MyMusic Sitcom, a show about what is going on at the “office”,  MyMusic Presents, where up and coming artists from the internet come and preform and get interviewed, MyMusic News, a news show about what is happening in the world of music, and finally, The Mosh, a show where the MyMusic staff members answer questions from fans. One cool thing about the MyMusic staff members, is they all go by the type of music they like, for example, some staff members name’s are Dubstep and Metal. All of the MyMusic staff members are Indie, Idol, Hip Hop, Techno, Dupstep, and Metal. You can check out MyMusic on YouTube and their website. All of the staff members are on a variety of social media sites and Tumblr’s where they post and interact in character. Find all of the social media pages here.

UPDATE: This article was updated when MyMusic Live was replaced with MyMusic Presents.

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