YouTube Static Error

Today I was watching a video on YouTube when the “Error” text popped up. This has happened before, but this time, there was static in the background, like a TV. I happened to catch a screen shot of it. It is below. Have you seen this yet? We found the solution is to simply reload the page. We have contacted YouTube, but we are still waiting for an answer.

[UPDATED: October 16, 2012]

5 thoughts on “YouTube Static Error

  1. The solution that usually works for me is to just refresh the page. It has happened a few more times for me, and I have emailed YouTube a few times but gotten no answer yet. I will be sure to tell you if YouTube ever replies to me. Thank you for your feedback!

  2. I am also having this problem. and refreshing the page does not help. Pleas let me know if you get this figured out.


  3. As I said, I have contacted YouTube quite a few times, and I will be sure to get you the answer if it ever comes.

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