Why I Think Obama Should be the Next President

The following article is purely an opionion. The views of these anonymous authors belong to these authors, you do not have to agree or disagree to this article. Aspectment does not support Romney or Obama.

Why do you believe Obama should become the next President?

Why should you vote for Obama? It’s simple, Obama has a great plan to fix up our country. Romney is attacking Obama saying he got the US into the worst economic situation, but really, no president could have fixed the mess we were in, in just four years. If Obama gets reelected, he can finish the cleaning up he has not yet finished. One thing you need to consider if you are planning on voting for Romney. Do you really want a president, whose job was shutting companies down, and getting rich from it? Think about it. Romney says he is going to bring the jobs back, but will he? Look at what he did with Bain Capital, and you can really understand what I am going for.

Why Obama Should Be The Next President | Why Romney Should Be the Next President


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